Tan Care

Pre-Tan Prep Instructions

  • Before your appointment, shower, shave, and exfoliate your skin well. Your skin must be free of any lotions, make up, perfume, and deodorants for your tan to develop properly. Exfoliation is key before you tan to ensure the longevity. We recommend this is done at least 4 hours before to ensure that your pores are closed and skin is completely dry before you are tanned. Showering immediately before the tan is not recommended. Please refrain from using Dove and similar soap products as they can leave an invisible film on your skin that can interfere with the tanning process. Approved soap and exfoliating mitts are available to be purchased before your tanning appointment.
  • Schedule workouts, facials, manicures/pedicures before your tan. Waxing should be done 24 hours prior.
  • During the tan you are free to wear whatever you are comfortable with, ie: bathing suit, underwear or nude. (Men are required to wear an undergarment)
  • After your tan we recommend you wear dark loose clothing and open toe shoes. Wearing tight clothing after a tan can leave unwanted marking. No jeans, bras, skinny leg type pants or leggings.

Post Tan Care Instructions

  • After your tan you cannot get wet or sweat excessively for 8 hours. The rapid time will depend on desired color, we will instruct you on the best time.
  • For your first shower just rinse off with water,no soap for the first rinse. No loofahs on your skin until you're ready for the tan to be removed.
  • Moisturizing is key to keeping your tan looking good the longest! We recommend moisturizing 2x a day. Tan extender lotions are available for purchase, these are spray tan safe and will extend the life of your tan. Using non spray tan approved products can shorten the life of your tan.
  • Some of these may seem silly but hey! We want your tan to look flawless for as long as possible!
    • Please do not pee in the shower (yes TMI we know) but this can cause streaks down your legs.
    • Pat dry when you get out of the shower
    • Do not spray perfumes/colognes directly on your skin.
    • Spray tans do not provide any type of skin protection so always use sunblock. We carry spray tan safe sunblock that will keep you and your tan protected. Getting a sunburn before or after your tan will result in a tanning disaster, peeling skin will completely remove your tan and leave your skin very uneven.
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    If you complete all these steps your tan should last you 7-10 days. So stay bronzed babes and we appreciate you selecting us to keep you looking fierce!

You are far more precious than jewels.

Proverbs 31:10

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